Our Team

Yolanda Medrano

Founder and ceo

Yolanda Medrano is certified in Magnetic Therapy, a Reiki Master, and founder of the non-profit organization Healing Hearts. She was diagnosed with a seizure disorder when she was 16 years old.

In her effort to find other options for her health, she was introduced to holistic healing modalities, where she learned that the illness or disease in her body couldn’t be taken care of until she released her toxic emotions that perpetuated her disease. By doing so, she was able to forgive herself and let go of the fear, anger, guilt, and resentment she had buried deeply in the wake of her boyfriend’s death by gang violence when he retaliated against the people who assaulted her.

After a while she noticed that her way of thinking was now positive. She was no longer depressed; her health improved; and her seizures were not as frequent. Her curiosity caused her to do more research and learn the anatomy of the enigmatic human body and how energy can relieve the toxic emotions that affect it.

Healing Hearts was created for her love to help others cope with their traumatic experiences, as well as, toxic emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression that cause illness to mind and body through holistic and natural modalities.

Remembering how lost she was as a youth, not understanding her pain and her mixed emotions after her boyfriend’s death, she created YOU STORY MATTERS, a one of a kind curriculum that lets people know that they matter. Everything that happens in their lives has a purpose – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Once they can accept that and release any resentment, guilt or anger they will be able to serve their purpose and live a better life.

Yolanda’s passion to introduce agape love and compassion to our youth has been in her heart since 1997 when she helped her first group of youth in Long Beach, CA at Stephens Middle School. Her, along with other volunteers, helped 20 at risk teenagers to redirect their lives from gang life to sports and dance.

In 2011, Yolanda was acknowledged for making a difference in her community and was nominated for Women of Distinction by the Congressional 25th District of the LA County. today she is making a difference with some of our local Las Vegas at-risk youth. She believes that with love, compassion, understanding, and a lot of FAITH we can help our youth find their true purpose – one youth at a time.

Silvia Fernelius

HolistIc Health Coach

Silvia Fernelius is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Aroma Touch Technician who loves assisting the community by teaching about natural and holistic medicine. She utilizes essential oils, herbs and other modalities in her work.

She has served the community in many areas over the past 20 years including being a parent liaison for Zion’s Youth Symphony and Choir, volunteering for the school district in many positions across the valley and as a Cub Scout leader for the Bears, Webelos, and Wolf ranks with the Boy Scouts of America.

Her vision is to see a Healer in every home so that each family can live healthier and happier. This can become reality when we all work together and help each other out.

Julie Gluth

Kidpreneurs Director

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Honey Denekawa

Youth Director

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